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The easiest and most reliable tool to reach Gen-Z.

India’s First Livestream Sponsorship Marketplace

By placing your branded content in streams, StreamO lets you reach the Gen-Z audience that is hard to reach through traditional media.

Brands can measure effectiveness via detailed reports and channel traffic through CTA’s and link on chat.

Some of the world's biggest brands use our technology


Why choose StreamO

Quantifiable results and high ROI

StreamO gives your brand an easy entry into a world of streaming - Focus on your brand message, and connect with all the streamers you want to work with at once

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Get Started

Everything in One Place

Manage campaigns with hundreds of streamers in one dashboard.

  • Content display - the process is fully automated and monitored

  • Live statistics - have your finger on the pulse, always

  • Simple billing - all accounts are settled for you

Measure and know

All statistics per campaign/per streamer are always available


  • Campaign views

  • CTR of your content displays

  • Certified clicks

Effective distribution

Reach the desired target group and get lengthy brand exposure

  • Brand message not blocked by Adblock

  • Your brand message stays embedded in the stream forever

  • Non-invasive content displayed across many streams at once

  • Pay only for full views

"Highly Effective"

2.5% Average CTR

Much higher than pre-roll, mid-stream or pop-up ads in video

Connect with hundreds of streamers in a simple, innovative and measurable way

Reach millions of Gen Z viewers through livestreaming

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