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How campus diaries hit a massive/record-breaking 1.6 million+ impressions in ten days

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

How campus diaries hit a massive/record-breaking 1.6 million+ impressions in ten days by adopting the most cutting-edge methods on YT live streaming.

With so many shows popping up in an instant, it can be challenging to launch a web series among young adults, especially during the launch of The Campus Diaries' on MxPlayer.

Campus Diaries

Keeping in mind the primary target audience falling under the age bracket of 15 to 26 who are now found in places that are not the traditional modes of entertainment. This campaign's main aim is to bring this set of audiences together and capture their attention.

To achieve this feat, MxPlayer identified where their TG spends more time and diverted into a new realm of advertising- Livestream marketing.

MxPlayer achieved this by implementing a creative marketing strategy by collaborating with gaming creators on youtube, where the GenZ audience regularly watches and engages in the live stream. The campaign involves embedding a non-invading and clearly visible 15-second video artwork in the YouTube live stream video of over 146 independent creators. A chat box CTA and verbal references by the show's creators throughout the live stream were used to raise audience awareness of the show. Several character intro cards were also displayed to boost familiarity.

Incorporating StreamO’s technology in the live stream, over 1.6 Million impressions were achieved by MxPlayer along with a total reach of 360k+ across platforms. The CTA offered in the conversation box turned out as a persuasive addition, where more than 7k minutes of stream-time was generated through these links. During the campaign's run, there was an 8% organic growth in DAUs and a 35% increase in new users on the website.

Staying on top of people’s watchlists is not an easy feat when it comes to web series or other new shows in the town. The wavering focus and entirely different preferences of the GenZ audience make it even more challenging for the show makers to advertise their shows efficiently. Catching the pulse of their TG and taking the proper marketing method will help draw in the audience who seem less inclined towards web series collectively. StreamO helps to amp up the brand presence through live stream advertising by placing unblockable and unskippable video overlays.

Learn how to use StreamO to start implementing the cutting-edge live streaming approach to influencer marketing.

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