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How StreamO helped Intel access the PC gamer community

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

How StreamO helped Intel access the PC gamer community in a mobile-first market and is fiercely competitive when it comes to processors.

Partnering up with StreamO was one of the best ways for Intel to effortlessly reach a huge mass of their TG in no time to launch their brand new product- 12th Gen Intel CoreTM.

Online or PC gaming is more than just a simple pastime in recent times. The gaming fever is increasing at the rate of knots in India where an evident 17% to 18% increase is observed every year. The need for cutting-edge technology with high-speed processors is currently high more than ever. With a sea of similar devices in the market, it is not easy to make way to the top instantly, especially with a difficult-to-approach target group- GenZ and PC gamers.

Many independent creators have started live streaming games on YouTube that is attracting several thousands of GenZ audience and ardent gaming enthusiasts to this space. 450+ PC gaming developers who were playing the three most popular PC games—Valorant, GTA 5, and Minecraft—were surveyed to determine which PC streams would represent Intel based on technology and behavior.

Once the right set of streamers was filtered, Intel along with StreamO implemented their advertising strategy in their live stream videos. Placing an ideal 15-second video during the Livestream which is unblockable or unskippable was the main idea. This overlay promotes the brand messaging of 12th Gen Intel CoreTM that focuses on appealing to the GenZ gamers for a period of 17 days. The same was promoted on Instagram as a part of the campaign handles of PC gamers and influencers alongside.

With StreamO, Intel was able to accomplish over 600k impressions through Instagram campaigns and a cumulative reach of 3.6+ million during the live stream through 500+ creators. During this time, live streamers were able to hang out and engage extensively with their favorite creators along with exciting giveaways happening regularly. Regular video reviews from creators in the comment section generated extensive engagement during this campaign along with an overall spike in viewership by 41.8%.

Valorant Streamer

Bringing out the best processors customized for PC gamers is much needed right now due to the skyrocketing demand. With GenZ’s involvement in live streaming games, leveraging this space would be the wise option in current marketing trends.

Learn more about StreamO's cutting-edge live streaming influencer marketing strategy and how to get started using it.

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