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Netflix partners with StreamO to promote Stranger Things 4 to the Gen Z audiences

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

How Stranger Things 4 on Netflix engaged a massive Gen Z audience with StreamO's pioneering approach through live-streaming on YouTube.

The internationally acclaimed Netflix series that garnered widespread attention with every season came back with a brand new season- Stranger Things 4 in May 2022.

Stranger Things 4 on StreamO

Following a three-year break, Netflix wanted to generate a ton of hype for Stranger Things 4 globally, including the TG margin in India. The main challenge is persuading GenZ viewers, who are not interested in TV shows or other series, to watch ST4.

Before crafting the central campaign, the GenZ audience's behavioral data was observed over a brief period. A high-quality 15-second media overlay ad that is demonstrably unskippable and non-intrusive was added during this time, along with a CTA in the chatbox, to the YouTube live stream. Throughout this campaign, which lasted about 13 days, Stranger Things 4 received a substantial promotion through these advertisements and spoken mentions on gaming influencers' social media pages and during the Livestream.

Netflix was able to reach a 100% real-time audience of 1.25 million by teaming with StreamO- India's first and only live-stream platform/marketplace, while over 2,40,000 minutes of 15-second full-screen video trailers were shown alongside the live stream. This campaign involved 5000+ creators, reaching over 100 million YouTube subscribers overall. In social media, Instagram received 1 million+ impressions for this campaign through promotional posts created by over 100+ influencers.

Stranger Things 4 Promotion with StreamO

With gripping content emerging in the form of web series across several mediums, standing out as the best and grabbing the attention of the far-flung GenZ audience is a true challenge. Most GenZ audiences are ardent followers of Gaming influencers, and watching them play on YT Livestream is their favorite pastime leaving behind other forms of entertainment like television, movies, reality shows, etc.,

Targeting through the right platform where they are seen lurking often, is the best way to allure them efficiently. StreamO partner-up with brands to appeal to the partially cut-off GenZ by facilitating interactions between businesses and relevant creators with hardcore followers on YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and Twitch. This is done by adding video overlays on gaming live streams.

Start utilizing the cutting-edge live streaming method of influencer marketing with StreamO and learn how here.


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